Indigenous Peoples Plans

Creating better engagement with indigenous communities and staff. Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Many Indigenous Australians have policies, infrastructure and programs imposed on them that create a dependant rather than self determined life journey. The implementation of such policies is often done with complete disregard as to the effect on the relevant Aboriginal community and people.

“Economic Life …depends on moral bonds of social trust. This is the unspoken, unwritten bond between fellow citizens that facilitates transactions, empowers individual creativity, and justifies collective action… the social capital represented by trust is as important as physical capital ”


Organisations or individuals often enter communities believing because they have good intentions or a valuable project they will be well received but they are unaware they need to engage with the broader community to achieve their objectives. In other alternate circumstances organisations and or individuals are aware that meaningful engagement is required but just don’t know how to or where to start and some just don’t care.

Yum Yum & Delicious undertakes a briefing session with the client to ascertain the Context, Purpose, Quality, Quantity, Resources and Time (CPQQRT) of the task at hand. This opens the discussion and encourages clarifying questions. Yum Yum & Delicious then utilises the process of developing an Indigenous Peoples Plan. This is a template used to capture information about the existing community, the current infrastructure and services, community strengths and its leaders to develop a communication and engagement strategy to ensure the community and the visiting organisation are able to create local content opportunities for the project thereby facilitating the community’s meaningful inclusion and acceptance.

“Recently we have been able to utilise Cara and Adele from Yum Yum & Delicious in a sub contractor capacity. We found them to be knowledgeable and professional in delivering projects at the high standard we expect for our valuable clients”

Chantal Harris -The Cultural Connection Code

Yum Yum & Delicious take a holistic approach to community engagement starting with baseline data and an understanding of the current community climate assessing the context into which we are entering. We then layer information gathered from desktop research and real time conversations to inform us throughout the process. This is enabled through the Yum Yum & Delicious’ streamlined stakeholder management processes to deliver well planned and executed outcomes from within engaged community and stakeholder groups. In doing so Yum Yum & Delicious ensure no stone is left unturned on the path to inclusion and real outcomes for indigenous people and the organisations that work with them.

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Client Testimonial
Chris Mitskinis Chris Mitskinis Photographer
Cara and Adele were great during the shoot. Professional, enthusiastic and well prepared. I had full confidence that they had their work under control which allowed me to fully focus on my tasks – highly valued attributes on any photo shoot.”


Zaripha PoelinaZaripha PoelinaBroome Boutique Manager - Kailis Australian Pearls
I worked with Cara and Adele to Promote Kailis Jewellery during the Kimberley Cup. Leading up to the event we met a few times to plan out the vision I had for the day. The girls organised all  aspects of the promotion and all I needed to do was supply the pearls. Yum Yum & ...


Melanie VirgoMelanie VirgoMarketing & Promotions Manager - The Roebuck Bay Hotel
I have worked with Cara and Adele Peek over the past 8 years on both a personal and professional level. They have proven to be a well organised and thorough team who have been a joy to work with. We have worked on a range of projects together from small intimate events to large scale ...


Karen Morgan - Art Mentor to Nyamba Buru Yawuru CorporationKaren Morgan - Art Mentor to Nyamba Buru Yawuru CorporationVisual Art Lecturer, Kimberley Training Institute, Broome W.A
Yum Yum & Delicious has been nothing short of inspiring! Both Adele and Cara have demonstrated their work practice with professionalism, great lateral thinking, and a creative can do attitude!! The current project I am engaged with them in is both challenging and exciting. It is very satisfying to hit those project target's I thoroughly ...


Savah HatzisSavah HatzisDirector – Broome Dacou Gallery
THANK YOU YY & D for your assistance with our function at the opening of our exhibition "The Art of Living". Your service was very professional and exceeded our expectations. I was thrilled with the results and would not hesitate recommending your services to my friends.


Andrew CoopesAndrew CoopesSenior Project Manager - BMW, Department of Finance, Broome
YY&D is currently employed by Yawuru the Traditional Owners of Broome. As the principal art consultant's they assist Yawuru with the unique State Government direct aboriginal engagement initiative and the contract delivery. YY&D manage all of the art elements within the percentage for art contract for the soon to be constructed Broome North Primary school. ...


Adele and Cara have worked on Kimberley Girl over the years and I have found them to be professional, creative, and hands on. In the years they have been involved  Kimberley girl has been a seamless process due to their attention to detail, positive attitude and work ethic. I would highly recommend Yum Yum & ...


Tiffany GarstoneTiffany Garstone
Yum Yum & Delicious have two highly skilled consultants with great integrity and creativity. Both Adele and Cara Peek have demonstrated exceptional project management skills and would ensure that they provide a high standard in project delivery, efficiency and productivity. They understand the importance of communication and stakeholder engagement, promoting strong relationships and transparency. Both ...


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