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Creating better engagement with indigenous communities and staff. Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The fabric of human existence hangs by the thread of communication… when lacking in strength & clarity, it unravels friendships, marriages, political regimes, even whole countries and with it trust turns to resentment and people suffer

“We tend to see ourselves primarily in the light of our intentions, which are invisible to others, while we see others mainly in the light of their actions which are visible to us.”

J.G Bennet

Despite the various methods of communication that exist in the modern world the presence of authentic communication between human beings is rare. More often than not society refrains from communicating what we really feel or want for fear of causing offence, inciting anger or breaking cultural rules. The result being that parties are left uninformed, dissatisfied, angry, disenfranchised leading to a lack of productivity and distrust.

Yum Yum & Delicious undertakes a briefing session with you to ascertain the Context, Purpose, Quality, Quantity, Resources and Time (CPQQRT) of the task at hand. This opens the discussion and encourages clarifying questions. Yum Yum & Delicious then utilises a holistic communication framework beginning with threshold questions to inform the tools we use to develop a thorough communication plan best suited to your organisation, the issue at hand and the relevant stakeholders.

“Broome Residential College is a secondary boarding facility for students who wish to pursue secondary education in Broome. 97% of our student cohort identifies themselves as Aboriginal Australians. They come from regional and remote towns and communities throughout the Kimberley and Northern Pilbara areas. We pride ourselves on our excellent Cultural Frameworks, Standards of Care and communication with family and parents of our boarders. We ensure our best practice in many ways but most importantly ensuring our staff are continually revisiting cultural awareness training and looking at ways we can work better.
This year we worked with Adele and Cara Peek from Yum Yum and Delicious. As strong Kimberley women who have worked across a wide range of sectors they brought a personal but highly professional touch to the Cultural Awareness training they delivered for us. We were engaged and challenged for the whole day. Our staff were asked to reflect on their practice, to laugh, empathise and empower our Indigenous students. It was a wonderful and inspiring day!!

Kristine Van, Broome Residential College

Once the key threshold questions have been answered Yum Yum & Delicious develop a consultative communication plan that is relative to the clients aspirations. We engage a number of resources and tools to identify what communication is currently being used, what level of communication and understanding is desired and therefore what tools are required to achieve such outcomes.

Yum Yum & Delicious always take into consideration the What, Why, When, Where and How of communication so as to maximise resources and timing whilst ensuring the communication is the correct method for the target audience and will achieve the desired outcome. Yum Yum & Delicious also applies its local knowledge and cultural understanding to ensure not only the use of appropriate methods but that the communication occurs at the appropriate time and with the appropriate people.

Every organisation, community and individual is different and it is because of this Yum Yum & Delicious custom designs communication pathways to ensure the desired outcome is reached.

Broome Residential College Staff

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Client Testimonial
Adele and Cara have worked on Kimberley Girl over the years and I have found them to be professional, creative, and hands on. In the years they have been involved  Kimberley girl has been a seamless process due to their attention to detail, positive attitude and work ethic. I would highly recommend Yum Yum & ...


Karen Morgan - Art Mentor to Nyamba Buru Yawuru CorporationKaren Morgan - Art Mentor to Nyamba Buru Yawuru CorporationVisual Art Lecturer, Kimberley Training Institute, Broome W.A
Yum Yum & Delicious has been nothing short of inspiring! Both Adele and Cara have demonstrated their work practice with professionalism, great lateral thinking, and a creative can do attitude!! The current project I am engaged with them in is both challenging and exciting. It is very satisfying to hit those project target's I thoroughly ...


Tiffany GarstoneTiffany Garstone
Yum Yum & Delicious have two highly skilled consultants with great integrity and creativity. Both Adele and Cara Peek have demonstrated exceptional project management skills and would ensure that they provide a high standard in project delivery, efficiency and productivity. They understand the importance of communication and stakeholder engagement, promoting strong relationships and transparency. Both ...


Zaripha PoelinaZaripha PoelinaBroome Boutique Manager - Kailis Australian Pearls
I worked with Cara and Adele to Promote Kailis Jewellery during the Kimberley Cup. Leading up to the event we met a few times to plan out the vision I had for the day. The girls organised all  aspects of the promotion and all I needed to do was supply the pearls. Yum Yum & ...


Chris Mitskinis Chris Mitskinis Photographer
Cara and Adele were great during the shoot. Professional, enthusiastic and well prepared. I had full confidence that they had their work under control which allowed me to fully focus on my tasks – highly valued attributes on any photo shoot.”


Andrew CoopesAndrew CoopesSenior Project Manager - BMW, Department of Finance, Broome
YY&D is currently employed by Yawuru the Traditional Owners of Broome. As the principal art consultant's they assist Yawuru with the unique State Government direct aboriginal engagement initiative and the contract delivery. YY&D manage all of the art elements within the percentage for art contract for the soon to be constructed Broome North Primary school. ...


Melanie VirgoMelanie VirgoMarketing & Promotions Manager - The Roebuck Bay Hotel
I have worked with Cara and Adele Peek over the past 8 years on both a personal and professional level. They have proven to be a well organised and thorough team who have been a joy to work with. We have worked on a range of projects together from small intimate events to large scale ...


Savah HatzisSavah HatzisDirector – Broome Dacou Gallery
THANK YOU YY & D for your assistance with our function at the opening of our exhibition "The Art of Living". Your service was very professional and exceeded our expectations. I was thrilled with the results and would not hesitate recommending your services to my friends.


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